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Course name : SAS CLINICAL Online Training

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Duration : 30 hours

faculty : Realtime experience

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SAS Clinical Course Content

  • Project Management in Clinical Research
  • What is Clinical Research?
  • What is Protocol and role of Protocol
in Clinical Research?
  • What is randomization and non randomization?
Which is playing main role in Clinical Research?
  • What is SOP (Standard Operating Procedure)
  • Role of DBMS team in Clinical Research
  • What is CDM (Clinical Data Management)?
  • Importance of CDM systems for data loading
  • What is SAP (Statistical Analysis Plan)?
  • Role of SAP in Clinical Research
  • SAS Work Flow in Clinical Research
  • Relation between SAS and DBMS
  • Interaction between SAS with CDMs for data access
  • Various report generation in Clinical Research
  • Introduct ion To SAS System & Architect ure
  • History And Various Modules
  • Variables & SAS Syntax Rules
  • SAS Data Sets
  • Data Set Options
  • Operators
  • If ? Then Else Statement
  • Where Statement
  • Creating & Redefinin g Variables
  • Reading Raw Data
  • Infile Statement With Options
  • Multiple Observations and Multiple Datasets.
  • Input Styles
  • SAS Functions
  • Select Statement
  • Do Loops
  • Output Statement & Put Statement
  • top And Error Statement s
  • Array Statement
  • Modifying And Combining Data Sets
  • Updating Master Data Set
    Key Board Macros & Add Abbreviat ions
  • Proc Sort
  • Proc Print
  • Proc Means
  • Proc Freq
  • Proc Plot
  • Proc Chart
  • Proc Compare
  • Proc Copy
  • Proc Summary
  • Proc Append
  • Proc Datasets
  • Proc Contents
  • Proc Delete
  • Proc Format
  • Proc Printto
  • Creating Rtf File
  • Creating Html File
  • Creating Pdf File
  • Creating Xml File
  • Introduct ion
  • History
  • Features
  • Sql Command Set
  • Operators In Sql
  • Order By Clause
  • Group By Clause
  • Having Clause
  • Distinct Clause
  • Create and Insert
  • Deleting, Populating And Updating
  • Introduction To SAS/SQL
  • Features & Uses
  • Terminology
  • Data Types, Key Words, & Operators
  • Functions, Predicate s & Functions
  • Formattin g Output
  • Group By Clause, Order By Clause & Having
  • Case Expressio n and Condition al Logic.
  • Creating ,Populating & Deleting Tables
  • Alter Table Statement
  • Renaming A Table & Columns
  • Changing Column's Length
  • Joins & Views
SAS/ACCESS :Import & Export Procedure s
  • Importing data from Ms-Access & Ms- Excel
  • Importing data from Oracle database
  • DbLoad Procedure
  • Gchart Procedure
  • Vertical, Horizonta l, Pie
  • Donut
  • Group, Subgroups
  • Gplot Procedure
  • Mutliple Plots & Overlay
  • Symbol Statement
  • Title and Footnote Statement s
  • Goptions
  • Macro Concepts
  • Macros And Macro Variables
  • Creating Macro Variables
  • Using Macro Variables
  • Creating Modular Code With Macros
  • Invoking A Macro
  • Adding Parameter s To Macros
  • Macros With Condition al Logic
  • Using Various Procedure s In Macros
  • Automatic Variables
  • Macro Functions

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