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(EMC) SAN Interview Questions

1. What is Rule17 in DMX
2. What is Storage Virtualization and its Use cases
3. How will FAST VP improve performance and what are the best practices
4. FCOE advantages and challenges
5. how to troubleshoot a slowness issue on the server
6. Can a company owned datacenter be called as a Cloud?
7. what mode in SRDF can be used for migrations
8. Compare between HOT OR and Cold OR sessions
9. Use of Auto Provisioning Groups in VMAX
10. Command to capture support data in brocades
11. What is difference between defined and effective zone configurations in brocade
12. What is NPIV - Use Cases
13. Where do we need to use Access Gateway mode and Why
14. How will cascaded storage groups help
15. What is cache vaulting
16. What parameters will Storage performance depend
17. Difference between usable, allocated and used capacity
18. What is soft zoning and hard zoning explain with examples
19. how is disk performance measured, explain general performance values for standard disk types
20. Explain any real time issues you faced and the resolution you provided
21. what is EMC grab, EMC Reports, HEAT reports
22. What is port lockdown
23. what is LUN trespassing in Clariion
24. how does Access Logix help in Clariion.... and More to come

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