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Course name : PYTHON Online Training

24*7 technical support

Duration : 30 hours

faculty : Realtime experience


About online training expert trainers

Online trainings expert prides itself on ensuring that our online trainers are real time experts.only the online training company deliver online training programs to our valued candidates.

As part of online trainings expert continuous improvement in online trainings. Each trainer is regularly assessed to candidates given the best quality of training every time.

All our trainers are skilled trainers and addition have the real time experience with proven track record in online trainings. This experience qualifies them as a specialist in their online training delivery in their course.

Python is an interpreted , object-oriented , high-level programming language with dynamic statements.python is choice to an easy-to learn and python built with in data structures, combined with dynamic typing and dynamic statements, make it very best for Application Development, as well as for use as a scripting language to connect existing components together. Python?s simple, easy to learn syntax .we are offering python course fundamentals and advanced training in python on line training.we are explaining the doubts with 24/7 technical support.we are giving the Interview questions and prepare Resume for candidates.

python online training from india

Who will giving the python training?
Python training conducted by Real time experts in python programming language.All the trainers are mnc experts who are with us.

When the demo are giving to the candidates?
python is on going and you can ask a demo any time you want. Also, you can contact with counsellors to get course details.

What will I learn in python online training?
You will learn basic concepts and advanced concepts in python programming learn the features of python programming.

Why python Online Training Only with online trainings expert?

1. We just do not teach you technology. We Share Our Real time implementation expertise to gain practical skills and knowledge to face customers, implement better solutions further to enlighten your careers.
2. We just do not teach curriculum. We make sure to see that you are up to the industry expectations by giving real time scenarios, providing case studies, and giving project oriented examples. We will also provide well designed Lab Manuals, Study Materials, and Practice Exercises for quick learning process.
3. We just do not make developers or consultants or managers. We make full pledged competitive IT Professionals.

Trainer Specialties:

Expert on Hadoop Administration, Expert on Hadoop Devolopment.

Our python online Training Highlights

Technical Support
Interview Questions
Sample Resumes

Course Duration: 30 hrs
  • History
  • Q&A
  • How Python Runs Programs ?
  • How you run Python programs ?

Types & Operations

  • Into to Object Types
  • Numeric Types
  • The dynamic typing interlude
  • Strings
  • Lists and Dictionaries
  • Tuples, Files and Everything else

Statement & Syntax

  • Introducing Python statements
  • Assignments, expressions and prints
  • If Test and syntax rule
  • While and for loop
  • Iterations & Comprehensions
  • The Documentation Interlude


  • Functions Basics
  • Scopes
  • Arguments
  • Advance Function Topics
  • Iterations & Comprehensions - II


  • The big picture
  • Coding basics
  • Package
  • Advance Topics

Classes & OOP

  • The big picture
  • Coding basics
  • Example
  • Coding Details
  • Operator overloading
  • Designing with Classes
  • Advance Class Topics

Exception & Tools

  • Exception Basics
  • Coding basics
  • Exception Object
  • Coding Details
  • Designing with Exception

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Our OTE Highlights

  1. Depth course Material with real time Knowledge .
  2. We are providing online classes with highly qualifyed professional trainers.
  3. We will provide online classes and online demo session at student flexible timings.
  4. In training case studies and real time scenarios covered.
  5. We will give 24*7 technical supports.
  6. We are providing normal track,weekend online trainings,fast track online classes.
  7. We will provide every recorded sessions.
  8. We will give full support while attending the interviews and contact me any time after completion of the course.


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