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Course name : PHP Online Training

24*7 technical support

Duration : 25 hours

faculty : Realtime experience


About online training expert trainers

Online trainings expert prides itself on ensuring that our online trainers are real time experts.only the online training company deliver online training programs to our valued candidates.

As part of online trainings expert continuous improvement in online trainings. Each trainer is regularly assessed to candidates given the best quality of training every time.

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PHP is a server side scripting language that is used to develop Dynamic Web Applications. In our Online PHP Training we train the candidate to understand the PHP Concepts, Real time implementation and write programs in PHP using MySQL Database.

Who can take the PHP training?

online trainings expert providing the php online trining in india with real time experts.
Course is open to working professionals, recent graduates & students. previous programming experience is not required for this Training.

What do you get with the course?

Course consists of prepared lecture notes, videos of lectures, 24*7 technical support from the trainers, hundreds of real time assignments plus sharing of best assignments from class.

Online training course consits of Client-Side technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript & DHTML as wellServer-Side web technologies like PHP, MySQL. PHP is open source and platform independent. It is a popular server side scripting language that is used widely for web development. PHP & MySQL are used to create content managements systems (CMS), e-commerce applications, job portals, matrimonial sites, forums and custom web applications. Benefits of PHP & MySQL training from online trainings expert provides professional PHP training in Hyderabad, India.

Course Index

  • HTML
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Ajax
  • jQuery
  • Mini Project Guidance
  • MVC Architecture
  • HTML

    • Introduction
    • HTML Syntax & Structure
    • Body Formatting Tags
    • Text Formatting Tags
    • Listing Elements
    • Hyper Links & Anchor Tags
    • Working with Images
    • Working with Tables
    • Working with Forms
    • Frames


    • Introduction to CSS (Cascading Style Sheet)
    • Usage of Classes & IDs
    • List of CSS properties
    • Working with DIV elements
    • Designing Web Pages


    • Introduction
    • Syntax & Standards for writing JavaScript
    • Pop-up messages and notifications
    • Working with Strings & Arrays
    • Functions
    • DOM (Document Object Model) Elements
    • Events Handling
    • How to Validate Forms


    • Introduction
    • Installation & Configuration
    • Syntax
    • Working with Variables, Constants & Comments
    • Expressions & Operators
    • Control Structures
    • Functions
    • Working with Arrays, Types and Array Functions
    • Working with Strings and String Functions
    • Pre-Defined Functions Usage
    • Working with Files
    • Working with Forms
    • Sessions & Cookies
    • Mail Sending
    • Error Handling
    • Object Oriented PHP


    • Introduction to MySQL & MySQL Interface
    • Database Creation
    • Create, Modify & Delete Tables and Table Structures
    • How to Insert, Update & Delete Records
    • Writing MySQL Queries
    • Queries using Joins
    • Working PHP with MySQL
    • CRUD in usage


    • Introduction
    • How to Create, Send & Process XMLHttpRequest
    • Examples using Ajax with PHP


    • Introduction to jQuery
    • Installation & Usage of jQuery
    • Syntax
    • Handling events with jQuery
    • Adding Effects
    • Using Ajax with jQuery
    • Miscellaneous Topics

    Mini Project Guidance

    • Project Life Cycle
    • Project Planning
    • Stages in Project
    • Main Modules in Project

    MVC Architecture

    • Introduction
    • Various MVC Frameworks
    • Uses of MVC Frameworks

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Our OTE Highlights

  1. Depth course Material with real time Knowledge .
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  4. In training case studies and real time scenarios covered.
  5. We will give 24*7 technical supports.
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  7. We will provide every recorded sessions.
  8. We will give full support while attending the interviews and contact me any time after completion of the course.


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